Who is the Inspired Squirrel? I’m a former software developer who has authored a few books who really enjoys crafts, cooking, and creating. My inquisitive nature means that I’m researching new interests as fast as squirrels dart about. When I find an interest, I typically research it to the extreme.

My friends and family know that I’m both extremely technical and that I explain things well to them, so I’m always for help, which I love to give (if I can!). I started writing a quick series of Cricut cheat sheets for my mother-in-law for her birthday. Two weeks later, I had an 80 page book ready to go. I felt obligated to explain everything — from the basics to the very advanced. The feedback I got as that I should publish the book. Books are great (and that’s in the works), but blogs are better to get the word out.

About The Format

One of the issues my family faces is that there seems to be lack of succinct, step-by-step projects that allow them to follow along on a printed checklist (or at least a checklist on a tablet) next to the keyboard. Some instructions are too advanced for technophobes or novices: if you don’t know how to download a file or know what an SVG file is, that instruction isn’t helpful. But, some of the family that’s more advanced wants just the highlights and doesn’t need pages of information to get to the second step. The Inspired Squirrel tries to help by offering the instructions, then allowing the reader to view the level of information they’d like. Don’t need to know what an SVG is? Great! Move along! Otherwise, click on the instruction to see more information.

I try pretty hard to make sure everything is easy to find and understand. For that reason, you won’t find tons of artsy photos with a detailed story that may or may not be related to doing the craft. I want everyone to succeed, so I don’t want pages of information that you’ll skip or that will bore you before you get to the good stuff. If you want to print it, then you don’t want excess pages to wade through. I’ll separate the stories from the instructions, if there’s a story I need to tell.

About the Research

I also try to make sure that I research information as thoroughly as I can. I see so many blogs where someone has tried something once with great results — however, there’s really no reason why it should have worked! Regular Sharpies will not go through the dishwasher, regardless of how long you bake them (oil-based ones will, but don’t need to be baked). Putting a finish on adhesive material stuck to, say, wood will not hold it down better. Putting a finish on glass or ceramics will change the look of the finish, usually to the project’s detriment. I’m going to explain why I do things, which sometimes flies in the face of things you’ll see in other blogs and all over Pinterest. Do your independent research. Manufacturer’s websites for how to use things might just be better than a random blog (including this one).

About the Mission

Most of all, I want to give great information that’s easy to understand to set you up for success. And just remember, my interests are varied, so you’ll see all kinds of projects here. I hope you are inspired to make something!