Design Space: How Do You Find the Projects Screen?

There are several ways to find the Projects screen. It depends on where you are and what you’re doing. Select browser or Android instructions.

Using Design Space in a Browser

  • On the Home screen (☰ Menu-> Home), in addition to clicking on any of the projects shown, you can select any one of the circled locations on the screen. Those labeled New Project will take you to a blank Canvas screen, otherwise you’ll go to a list of available projects that will be filtered according to your selection (View All near Cards will show you all the available projects in the Cards category).
  • On the Canvas Screen, there are three places. 
    • MyProjects filters to just the projects you’ve made
    • New creates a new project in the canvas (prompting you to save any work in progress)
    • Projects lists all the projects.

Using the Design Space Android App

The Home screen is effectively the Projects screen.