Design Space: Cricut Access Subscription

Disclosure: I receive a commission if you purchase some or all links on this page.

How to Find It

  • Windows: ≡ Menu -> Cricut Access

What is it?

Cricut Access is a monthly or annual subscription to most of the images, projects, and fonts available in Design Space. In addition, you’ll get 10% off any purchases from the Cricut online store.

Is it worth it? It depends. If you’re creative and adept at either finding online designs (for free or to purchase) or creating your own designs, you probably won’t get much out of it. If you want one place to find a lot of designs and projects, you’ll probably be extremely happy you subscribed.


If you want to purchase a monthly or annual subscription, you can click on
≡ Menu -> Cricut Access for instructions on how to subscribe. 

Personally, I’d rather have you use this link, Cricut Access Standard. If you make a purchase from this link or by clicking the image below, I’ll get a commission without costing you any extra money. Please support Inspired Squirrel!