Design Space: Updating Firmware

How to Find It

  • Windows: ≡ Menu -> Update Firmware

When to Use it

“Firmware” is a computer program that is stored in the machine’s permanent memory. The manufacturer can update a device’s firmware if they find flaws (“bugs”) or to provide additional functionality. Generally speaking, Cricut will notify you, or maybe even have Design Space automatically perform the upgrade. Despite that, there may be reasons to upgrade the firmware, usually at the request of Cricut technical support.


Be sure your machine is turned on. Select ≡ Menu -> Update Firmware. A screen similar to the following displays:

You can’t hurt anything if you try this (unless you turn off your Cricut or computer/device before it finishes). It took about a minute to do. The power button on my Cricut turned blue, then back to white, and it said that my firmware is up to date. I pressed the green Continue

If you do need to upgrade your firmware, you’ll press Continue and get a progress bar. Be sure you have enough battery on your laptop/device! Plan for 15-20 minutes of power draw, though it’s likely less than that. (If you do lose power, you’ll have to rerun the upgrade to fix it.) The power button turns red to let you know a firmware upgrade is in progress. Once it’s done, the Cricut will restart and you’re good to go.