Design Space: Settings

How to Find It

  • Windows: ≡ Menu -> Settings


The Settings screens, at the time of this writing, has only two settings and a help section:

At the top are keyboard shortcuts. To find them, press the question mark key. You’ll see some very helpful keys:

?Shortcut screenCtrl+xCut selected items
Ctrl+’Cycle through full, partial, and no gridCtrl+cCopy selected items
Ctrl+aSelect all layersCtrl+vPaste selected items
Ctrl+sSave projectDelDelete selected item
Ctrl+shift+SSave AsCtrl+}Bring selected items to top
Ctrl+zUndoCtrl+]Bring selected items forward
Ctrl+shift+ZRedoCtrl+[Send selected items backward
Ctrl+}Send selected items to back

The two settings are Canvas Grid and Units.

Canvas Grid refers to the grid lines on the Canvas workspace. The Full Grid has light lines every quarter inch/half centimeter and darker lines every inch/2 centimeters. You can change to a Partial Grid which is only the darker lines, or select No Grid to turn off the grid entirely for a plain background.

Tip: If you want to save a picture of your design, you’ll want a blank background. Bring up the Settings dialog with ≡ Menu -> Settings, then select No Grid; or use Ctrl+’ to cycle through to get a blank background. Then take a screenshot of your project. Return to the Settings dialog to return your grid to your favorite settings or use Ctrl+’ to cycle back.

You might not changes the Units setting much. This allows you to toggle between inches and centimeters.