Design Space: Home Screen (Browser)

How to Find It

  • Go to
  • Click on the ☰ Menu button (also called “hamburger” button) and select Home 


The Cricut Design Space Home screen in Microsoft Windows

The Design Space Home is the main screen for organizing your projects. The screen is broken down into three basic sections:

Menu BarThe dark gray strip under the browser’s address bar, with “Welcome, <your name> in the middle.
For more detail, click here
Ad AreaThe advertisement area rotates through several ads. Click on the < and > to scroll through the ads and click on one if you’d like to see more.
For more detail, click here
My ProjectsDisplays your projects, starting with the most recent. 
Scroll downThere are other categories, below. As of when this was written, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials listed first. Scroll further down for various categories of Cricut projects, such as Cards, Home Dec, Iron On, and so on.