Design Space: Menu Bar – Windows

How to Find It

  • It’s always at the top of every screen


The dark gray Design Space menu bar is at the top of every screen.
 If you scroll down past the bottom of the screen, the menu bar still display at the top. It changes slightly depending on the active screen. The three basic styles are shown above. The key to the graphic is shown below.

A ≡ Menu  Also known as the “hamburger” button (because the three lines look like the top bun, patty, and bottom bun of a hamburger) is at the left. It brings up a menu of actions.
BScreen NameIt can be HomeCanvas, or Prepare, and designates the screen you’re working on.
– or –
Project Name
For the Home screen, it welcomes you with your first name, as in “Welcome, Inspired Squirrel.” 

In the Canvas and Prepare screens, the project name is shown. If it is a new file, it will say “Untitled.” If there is an asterisk (*) at the end of the name, that is a dirty file indicator, meaning that there are changes made to the file that aren’t saved. 
DMy ProjectsA shortcut to take you to a separate Projects screen that is pre-filtered to show only the projects you’ve saved. More on selecting projects HERE.
ESaveAvailable only on the Canvas screen, this button saves your project. 
FNew Project 
Make It
The green button is a quick access to something that’s pretty common to do.
On the Home screen, you probably want a quick way to create a New Project, since you can select projects that are completed or in-progress from this screen.
On the Canvas screen, the next logical step is to Make It.