Once I download a file from the Internet, where do I find it?


Your downloaded file will be found in the folder where your browser stores them. You (or your tech minded spouse, child, or other helper) can change that location, if desired. To find out where that might be, go to the settings in your browser. The table below shows the steps to get it in each browser.

Click on the menu icon in the upper right: ≡ … 
From the menu, select: SettingsOptionsSettings
On the page:
Scroll to the bottom then select Advanced
 Scroll down and select View Advanced Settings
 Scroll down to DownloadsScroll down to DownloadsLook for Downloads
Quick address (type in address bar):chrome://settings/downloadsNAabout:preferences

On your computer, it will usually look something like:
This is a special directory that you can easily find in the File Explorer. For more information, see this link at Microsoft.com.


For Android devices, the location of all downloads is File -> Downloads.

You can use the Files app to find them. At least, that’s what it’s called on the Google and Samsung phones I have access to. Your phone manufacturer and/or carrier may provide an app with a different name. You can also download many other from the Google Play Store that will work, too.


The Inspired Squirrel does not have access to Apple devices yet and therefore cannot give accurate, tested directions.

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