Unzipping Lots of ZIP Files

You know the problem: you go to your favorite site to find fonts or designs. Before you know it, you’ve downloaded a WHOLE bunch of files. Now comes the tedious, unzipping process. Oh, sure, I can buy a program that will help, but I’d rather spend that money on crafting supplies! I found out there’s a great Windows trick. It doesn’t make it as easy as those paid programs, but it’s pretty close!

First, let me remind you what has to happen when you are in the File Manager:

  1. Click on the file to select it and then click on Extract All on the menu bar
    or right-click on the file and click on Extract All in the popup menu
  2. Click on the Extract button on the window that pops-up.
  3. Repeat those three clicks for every file.

With this Windows trick, you can cut that in half:

  1. Select all the files you want
  2. RIGHT-CLICK and drag those files to an open place in the File Manager
  3. Click on the Extract button for each of the files; they pop up exactly over each other, so just position your cursor and click your button for each one.

A screen shot of the File Explorer window with 17 .ZIP files highlighted. There is handwritten text: Select the files then right-click and drag. There is an arrow with the start point over the selected files and the endpoint points to an empty area in the File Explorer.

This makes it SO much easier. 

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