Design Space: Home Screen Project Area (Browser)

How to Find It

  • Click the icon on your device. Or, in a Windows browser, go to
  • Click on the ☰ Menu button (also called “hamburger” button) and select Home 


Shown above is the projects area on the Home screen. The window shown  is scrolled past the advertisement area. Available projects are categorized with My Projects, the ones you’ve worked on, shown first. Scrolling down, you’ll find other categories. Note that many of these are not free projects (unless you have a Cricut Access subscription).

AMy Projects is the first category shown. It gives an option to make a new project, then shows the most recent projects you’ve worked on.
BThe green View All link next to the category header takes you to the Projects screen pre-filtered to show projects from that category. If the category is “Cards,” you’ll see all the projects in that category.

If the category is My Projects, it behaves exactly the same as the My Projects button in the Menu Bar, displaying all of your projects in the Projects screen. The two buttons act identically.
CScroll down through the screen to reveal more categories. Categories are set by Cricut; they may change over time. You’ll probably find some dedicated to vinyl, home dec, cards, and holidays, at a minimum. 

If you want to work on one of the projects shown, simply click on it! Then see the Projects pages for step-by-step instructions.

In the My Projects section is a white rectangle with a plus sign to create a new project. This is the same as the green New Project button on the Menu Bar. Both take you to the Canvas screen where you can build your project.