Design Space: Menu Windows

How to Find It

  • Click on the ≡ Menu (or “hamburger”) button to bring up the menu.


The Menu has a header with information pulled from your profile — your name and a picture if you’ve added one. 

The next two options are the most useful:  Home takes you to the Home page and Canvas takes you to the Canvas page.

The other options aren’t as frequently used. 

  • New Machine Setup – you’ll do this when you get a new machine; the instructions in the box walk you through this. Read more.
  • Calibration – the rotary blade, knife blade, and Print-Then-Cut all may need to be recalibrated on occasion, especially if you notice that cuts aren’t as accurate as they used to be. Read more.
  • Manage Custom Materials – you have the ability for each material (paper, vinyl, burlap, etc.), to change the cut pressure, how many times it should cut, and what blade should be used. You can also add new materials. It’s not likely you’ll use this feature. Read more.
  • Update Firmware – the manufacturer can update the machine; you’ll probably get an email or some notification that you need to do this. If you select this feature, it will tell you whether your firmware needs to be updated. It’s not likely you’ll use this often. Read more.
  • Account Details – this is where you update your contact information (name, address, email, password), view your recent orders, setup your wishlist, manage your subscriptions and memberships, and some other things. This will open in another tab in your browser. Read more.
  • Link Cartridges – if you have a physical cartridge, you can link it to your account so you can use it in Design Space without having it physically in your machine. Each cartridge can be linked to ONE account for easy use although you can use the physical cartridge in any machine. Read more.
  • Cricut Access – sign up for monthly or yearly access here (and several other places, too). Read more.
  • Settings – You can also get to this screen by pressing the ? (question mark) key on your keyboard. You can change or turn off the canvas grid and toggle between inches and centimeters. Read more.
  • Legal – the boring (but important) fine print of the Terms of Use. It’ll open in another tab. Read more.
  • New Features – at this time, it’s a series of 12 basic screens to show you how this current version works. Read more.
  • United States – Allow you to select your country.
  • Help – opens the help system in a new tab. Read more.
  • Sign Out – it should show the first name of the user who is logged in. Log out here if you want to login as someone else.
  • Feedback – sends an email to the manufacturer.